Thai Foot Massage

Relaxing Thai Foot Massage

Phantiwa’s Thai Foot Massage stimulates the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. This massage promotes general health and well-being, producing a very special feeling of balance and relaxation.

The Foot Therapeutic massage has a long history in Thailand, the techniques having passed unchanged down the centuries. The Thai Foot Massage is a variant of the Thai Body Massage.

The Thai foot massage includes some physical aspects such as stretching and stroking, but also incorporates elements of Chinese energy work to affect the chi, or life force.

Phantiwa Spa massages are performed by expert and licensed professional therapists. We also specialize in aromatherapy massage – Head massage with coconut oil – Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage and Hand And Arm Massage.

Enjoy one of the best stress relieving foot massages in Bangkok, in your home, office or hotel and discover the scientifically proven benefits of foot massage.

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