Hand And Arm Massage

Traditional Thai hand and arm massage

Phantiwa Spa also offers you the finest Thai hand and arm massage in Bangkok for both, men and women, in your apartment or hotel. We use the best techniques for performing a stress relieving hand & arm massage.

A hand massage can provide you with significant health benefits such as relieving stress, pain while it’s great for uneasiness of hands. It also provides curative effects for poor blood circulation, arthritis or neck and shoulder pains.

We are professional and certified massage therapists

Phantiwa Spa massages are performed by expert and licensed professional therapists. Anyone can benefit from our therapeutic massages. You can also enjoy a relaxing head massage with coconut oil.

The oriental hand & arm massage is often part of a spa treatment which can provide you with evident health benefits by combining reflexology and acupressure. This massage boost circulation of the hands and is suitable for the Repetitive Strain Injury or “RSI”.

Just call us through this number: 0952433258 or request an appointment, and you will benefit of one of the best hand and arm massage in Bangkok at home.