Outcall beauty treatments and massage in Bangkok, in your home or hotel

Phantiwa Spa offers unique beauty treatments such as body and face scrub, manicure, pedicure, head massage with coconut oil, head neck & shoulder massage, aroma massage and hair removal in Bangkok, in your apartment or hotel.

We use Thailand’s best beauty brands and high quality natural products to improve your wellness, including Elemis, the No.1 British anti-aging skincare.

Improve your well-being with our beauty treatments and spa services in the comfort of your hotel room, home, or office.

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Body and Face Scrub

Improve your skin’s health

Scrub is a spa treatment which exfoliates your body skin leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturised and soft. A scrub improves the circulation of blood and lymph to the surface of the skin, helping to get rid of cellulite and improve your skin condition.

Phantiwa’s body scrub exfoliates your entire body until your skin is nice, smooth and luscious, followed by a moisturizing massage. Our beauty treatments are done using, both, premium quality Thai products and Elemis, the leading luxury British skincare.

Exfoliating Face or Body Scrubs

Our spa facial scrub treatment can prevent breakouts and exfoliate dry skin.

We use 100% natural exfoliants to deep clean your face, instantly leaving a smooth and glowing skin.

Phantiwa Spa outcall treatments are performed by an expert licensed aestheticians.

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Aromatherapy massage

Mind, Body & Spirit, relieve stress

Phantiwa’s Aromatherapists specialize in the practice of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has its own massage technique, we utilize blends of fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits that are issued through topical application.

We use therapeutic essential oils to naturally enhance the benefits of massage. Enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy massage at home or in your hotel room.

Phantiwa’s Traditional Thai massage is a type of massage in Thai style that involves stretching and deep massage. Thai Massage (Nuad Boran), is an ancient healing system from Thailand that combines passive yoga movements and stretches, massage and acupressure applied to energy lines in the body. The underlying intention of Thai massage is to open energy lines in the body, which in turn frees the body to be more balanced, flexible, and open. Continue reading “Aromatherapy massage”